2016 Chevrolet Colorado from a Chevy Dealer near Fort Bliss: Sneak a Peek

There are a lot of trucks on the market that are built for tough tasks. One of these is the new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. This heavy-duty truck has a stylish exterior and a quality interior to make driving an unforgettable experience every time. Whether you are using this truck for work or pleasure, it is a great machine to take advantage of.

Exceptional Interior

Even though the new Colorado makes for a great work truck, you still get features that you would expect to find in a luxury car. All-weather floor mats look stylish, and they are designed to hold up for a long time. Front bucket seats provide a superior seating position, helping you stay comfortable for hours on the road.

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, connecting to the internet on the road is easy. This is important for a wide variety of tasks, such as navigating, listening to voicemail messages, or even getting updated news. You also have access to a diagonal color touch-screen, which makes it simple to search for radio stations or change your truck’s settings.

Useful Accessories

There are so many great accessories that can be installed on the new Colorado. A bed net helps you contain cargo. You can also have a bed cover installed on the back, providing your work tools and cargo items with extra protection from the elements. Wheel flares can be added to your truck, giving it a customized look.

Want to know more? See how this truck performs on the road by testing it out at a Chevy dealer serving Fort Bliss today.

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