The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro from Chevy Dealers Serving the Las Cruces Area: Track King

In a time where sporty rear-drive coupes are lacking, the 2017 Camaro makes for a welcome choice for gearheads. As the new iteration in the famous pony-car line, the new Camaro is set to dominate the track, strip, and streets with an impeccable suite of performance parts.

Formidable Design

The updated design isn’t just for the dashing looks. The hood has a carbon-fiber composite air extractor that draws heat from the engine bay, but also reduces lift. The fierce angles of the exterior pierce the air while a large front grille and hollowed out badge spew high-volume airflow to the large outboard cooling ducts to cool the brakes.

Peak Power

The more choices, the better, right? Take your pick between a roaring V-8 or a nimble V-6 engine. Whether its power or agility you need for the track, the new Camaro has you covered.

Born for the Track

Each model comes with its own tweaks that tunes the car to your liking. The LT 1LE package offers a track-focused suspension complete with anti-roll bars that is also great for daily driving, while providing all the punch you need with its V8 engine. The SS 1LE features the new FE4 suspension for a firmer ride and more body control.

But if track dominance doesn’t make you smile, you can always turn heads with the standard LT model with 20-inch wheels and Decklid-mounted lip spoiler or the SS Camaro with a unique rear stanchion spoiler and functional air vents, among other features.

So whether you want to rip through the tracks or cruise the streets in style, you can get this new Chevy from dealers near the Las Cruces area.

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